Pictures from our life & home.
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Cloud-dough we <3 this stuff!
DIY garland for my daughters birthday <3
Giftwrapping there is no such thing as too much glitter ;)
Christmas decoration in our living room <3
we <3 crafting  From a creative day with my oldest daughter.
Livingroom decor  I love picture ledges, i use them for candles as well.
Weddingdress of my dreams!! <3
White roses, my favorite <3
An old picture of our kitchen before we painted the walls and changed the furniture .
Breakfast date with my best friend <3

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waiting for the tooth fairy to pick up the tooth :)
My daughter loves to doll herself up <3
When i was pregnant with Fillip <3
Cloud-dough we <3 this stuff!
From Fillip´s first birthday <3
This is what it looks like when the kids are sick and get to do whatever they want for a whole day ;)
Healthy breakfast for my toddler , my son love this plate!
Decorating a gingerbread house for christmas <3
Healthy babyfood.  Salmon, pasta and vegetables  :-)
City of feiende cake - vennebyen kake