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Avocado Cuber: Useful product designed for making uniform-sized cubes of avocado.

Are you an avocado fanatic? You toss slices or cubes of avocado into salads, soups, and just toss them on your plate to enjoy with a meal? The Avocado Cuber is designed to speed up your preparation time. You just cut your avocado in half,

Composing made easy. Just write your music then the board will play it back for you!!!  so legit.

The pen acts as a mic you sing into. When docked into the digital paper tablet, your vocal harmonies are automatically transcribed into a score. For the old schooler, you can write directly on the display. Great concept, wish it were in production.

Great idea for purse

The Japanese sure know how to jazz up the norm. I think I would have a little too much fun if these soap tablets were a part of my life. Did I mention they’re pocket handy? cheers, amber arts,best,Crafts and cool ideas