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several different pictures of various items made out of sticks and rope, with scissors on each side
Continuing to prep for my class on nov 19th working on how to make a decorative knotted tassel diagram
a wooden sign that says family birthdays hanging on the wall with lots of buttons
Never miss another birthday. Put magnets on he back and put it on the fridge.
the instructions for how to make mini pom poms
Make a Mini Pom-Pon
Plastic fork + string + scissors = mini pom pon! So much easier than trying to do it with little cardboard circles!
an image of some white rope on a wooden table with the caption'ten strands to one side and seven to the other
making a french sennit tutorial
tutorial for making a french sennit braid - Paracord belt or my next mandolin strap
the instructions for making harry potter's house made out of metal wire and scissors
DIY Harry Potter Deadly Hallows pendant! Materials that I used: aluminum wire and silver-plated copper wire. The original DIY instructions:
the instructions for how to make a chain - woven bracelet with beads and threads
DIY Braided Bracelets – Homemade Jewelry Trends
Jewelry Making Craft Project Ideas | Cool DIY Braided Bracelet Tutorial
a piece of craft paper with candles on it
These washi tape candles.
These washi tape candles. | 20 Presents That Are Just Too Pretty To Unwrap
step by step instructions on how to make an origami cup
Geometrinė mįslė
tiny box tutorial
a bunch of cards that have some writing on them with words written on them, sitting on top of a wooden table
50th birthday gift for dad- each child did 10 cards (3 kids) mom did 20... Totaling 50 reasons we love dad! Punched holes with 1/8" punch and put a ring through, then beaded the ring. Could do this for any birthday!Dad loved it!
the instructions for how to make an ornament with wire and beads on it
Necklace Designs- Mother's Day Necklace with the Ingenious Tree of Life Pendant
Necklace Designs- Mother's Day Necklace with the Ingenious Tree of Life Pendant
the instructions for making a beaded bracelet with ribbon and pearls are shown in four different pictures
Ribbon and bead bracelet - We made these for a Mothers Day craft in Girl Scouts. Looks easy to create. You can for it you just need a little patience. The final project was beautiful
the instructions for how to make an old photo necklace with buttons and charms on it
DIY Photo Pendant for under $2.50!
Easy DIY Photo Pendant. Perfect for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas...