12 Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

12 Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

hedgehog fall leaf craft - I did this with my son's class and it was a total hit. I'd recommend using leaves that aren't brown yet, as the brown leaves are more brittle and hard for kids it work with.

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Love this list of 59 hand and foot print art projects for kids and me. Because I believe you are never too old to make hand/foot print art.

Have some outdoor fun and spark your children’s creativity with this easy activity. All you need is place to explore and your imagination, although you may want to bring along a camera as well. View this kids activity at Rediscovered Families!

How to Create Land Art from Rediscovered Families

MLP - Self portrait? Land Art by Graders, "Mother Nature"; YES Fundraiser Project The kids created "Land Art" today to be used on notecard sets to sell to raise money for their Art, Music, PE and Assemblies.