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Cut view of a child's skull showing permanent teeth located above and below the deciduous teeth prior to exfoliation

Anatomical manikin, ivory, ca. 1500-1700

Anatomical manikin 2 France, Germany and Italy, ca. Carved ivory Image Courtesy of the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences, The University of Alabama at Birmingham


Female Anatomical Figure Probably Italian, century Science Museum/SSPL The covering of the torso lifts off to reveal the internal organs. They demonstrate a knowledge of anatomy, but are not detailed enough to have been used for advanced teaching.

Morbid Anatomy: "Surgery" Worrydoll, Mixed Media, Renée Laferriere Cinderhouse, 2011 #art

"Surgery" Worrydoll, Mixed Media, Renée Laferriere Cinderhouse, 2011 (I have Grey's Anatomy on pause on TV, and see this. It reminds me of the show where they had that anatomy Barbie or something) tumblr_meo7czvncL1ro74x3o5_1280.jpg tumblr_meo7czvncL1ro74x3o5_1280.jpg