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Northern eXposure - Rick Is Killed by a Satellite
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"Chris in the Morning" Reading List
In the early '90s my fantasy was to travel the country on motorcycle and read—a lot—the ultimate goal: become the next "Chris in the Morning!" It was a fleeting thought. But "Northern Exposure" was one of those shows that put fantastical ideas in your head, and allowed them to seem possible ... Still, I was so inspired by the weekly wide-ranging Chris quotes that I began reading everything in sight. Thanks to NYPL, here is "KBHR's Chris in the Morning" Reading List!
the words keep calm and return to cicely are shown
Northern Exposure forever!! ***I'd give anything if another such show would was so interesting and funny as all get out...
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I don't like people too--except people who can cook for me and can play football well.
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Ed is dreaming that he is receiving the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award which goes to a director whose films have revolutionized the world's cinema. He says, "We all come from the place we're from and, well, we really can't be from anywhere else and that's where I'm from." From "On Your Own" S4, E6.