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the garden is full of plants and flowers
A view of some of my gardens from the midpoint of the backyard. The lower left corner is my "play garden" which is what my mother called that little piece of dirt that was used for the unidentified seeds and unusual seedlings -- I continue that tradition. Also can see my three raised-beds as well as some of the potted tomatoes and peppers and herbs.
a yellow and black bird sitting on top of a green plant
A regular visitor to my in-town garden. Sunflowers are found in all three raised-bed gardens, but I also have sunflowers along the property line fencing and in my "play garden" -- this keeps the goldfinches and cardinals very happy.
an overgrown garden with lots of plants growing in it
A view across the "foot" of my three raised-bed gardens (although the farthest one back is impossible to really see). Each cinder-block raised bed garden has a headboard and a footboard that are used as trellises but they also help secure the fencing that goes down the center the longway of each garden.
some yellow and orange flowers in a garden
Marigolds are both an insect repellent and a beautiful addition to any garden. I plant them in the openings of cinderblocks which make up the base of my raised-bed gardens.
a yellow flower sitting on top of a green leaf covered ground next to a lamp
Headboard is used as a trellis as a gourd grows through the frame.