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a close up of a piece of string with an octopus on it's back
Jute Loopy Flower Tutorial
a pair of scissors and some burlap on a table
DIY {easy} Burlap Wreath - Spoonful of Imagination
a sunflower is sitting on top of a pair of black and white sunglasses in front of an old door
an orange flower with green leaves and swirls on the side of a tile wall
Sources for Arts & Crafts Tile
HUGE list of sources for Craftsman tile
the flowers are covered in frost on the facebook page
an orange maple leaf on a tree branch
seasonal symphony
in love with the light and the colours of my world at the moment
flowers with the words notes to self on it and an image of some white daisies in
blue flowers in the rain with drops of water on them and blurry lights behind them
two yellow flowers with green stems in the foreground and blurry back ground behind them
California Poppies