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a close up of a piece of wood with paint on it and a wooden knob
Fix Chipped Veneer The Easy Way - ANG and JOEY
a pink and black couch with some paint on it
Painting Upholstered Furniture: DIY, Paint, Chalk, Sofas, Chairs - DIY Ideas -
colorful chairs lined up in a row on the floor next to a kitchen counter top
Furniture Makeover: Spray Painting Wood Chairs
Furniture Makeover for kitchen chairs. Best Spray Paint for Wood Chairs - DIY home decorating with paint. In My Own Style blog
a red table that has some items on top of it, and an image of a chair in the background
NameBright - Coming Soon
Red painted side table.
an orange and white table sitting on top of a wooden pallet next to trees
Faux Lacquer for Lazies
DIY lacquered furniture