Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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double knit ravelry | Ravelry: Karigan's Yuma Double Knitting Mittens | Knitted Mittens & C ...

Ravelry: Yuma Double Knitting Mittens pattern by Alexandra Wiedmayer/wollmeise - turquoise blue, navy, running wolf

A beanie inspired by a Game of Thrones. Worked in fair isle and sized for about a 22” head.

Frostfangs Hat pattern by Liz Smith

The yarn that has been used is Zitron filigran Lace № 1 color 77. The PDF-file contains just a stitch pattern, not a description for making full garment. Project of a cardigan “Misty Autumn” illustrates the result of using the pattern.

Autumn Leaves pattern by Svetlana Gordon

THIS is the actual pattern. The other link leads to some random leaf pattern on Ravelry that is NOTHING like this one. Ravelry: Autumn Leaves Stitch Pattern pattern by Svetlana Gordon


Golden Acorns Mittens pattern by Natalia Moreva

This pattern is avaiable in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Cocker Spaniel Mittens pattern by Connie H Design

Вязание. Жаккард - "Зимняя радуга" | VK

Вязание. Жаккард - "Зимняя радуга" | VK

51a3185cec0e9d5b720cea8be420c817.jpg 736 × 498 bildepunkter

51a3185cec0e9d5b720cea8be420c817.jpg 736 × 498 bildepunkter


Spring Butterflies pattern by Natalia Moreva

Butterfly Spring mittens with lots of possibilities for color use.