18. geburtstag 🪩

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a woman standing in front of a table filled with pink cups and drinks on top of it
Pink beer pong 💕
a birthday cake with candles on it sitting on top of a table next to other items
an open notebook with the words like castle written on it next to a green leaf
Feenstaub Birthday Guest Book with Pre-Printed Questions to Fill in, Personalised Birthday Guest Book [Handmade] Ring Binder [Made in Austria], Memory Album, Photo Album, Birthday Gift
a woman holding a bottle of wine in her hand with a bow on it's head
pearls and prosceco bridal shower collage with wine glasses, champagne flutes, bride's shoes and cake
Pearls and Prosecco Bridal Shower Theme | Bridal Shower 101
Pearls and Prosecco Bridal Shower Theme
there are many batteries on the shelf with a sign that says help me remember tonight
Disposable cameras for the guests
the letters are made out of beads and wood
Pearl Accessories & Decor Ideas - The Garter Girl
a happy birthday sign on the wall next to shiny balls and streamers in front of it
Стильная фотозона
there are many balloons in the room