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three wooden shelves with rocks and crystals in them on top of a wood table next to a white wall
Bohemian Homes
To make a larger one of this and have it cover the wall, and include plants and air plants. Then also have candles behind the geodes for ambient lighting when entering the space
The chakras link the metaphysical with the physical world & the practice of yoga is inseparably related to the chakras. Yoga encompasses the chakras as a profound journey to spiritual awakening because that is what yoga has always been about. Yoga is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. Yoga practice focused on the chakras is a way to prepare the body for the emergence of Divine energy. In this article you are going to learn how to use yoga poses (asanas) to work with your 7 chakras.
Chakra Yoga, Best Yoga Poses For 7 Chakras
an info sheet with numbers and phrases on it
Angel Numbers Cheat Sheet
a triangle shaped shelf with plants and other items on it next to a planter
Moon shelf, triangle shelf, crystal shelf, home decor
a metal moon with crystals on it is hanging from the side of a white wall
Aubri on X