EXHIB Wall labels

12 Pins
several rolls of toilet paper are on the floor next to some tape and other items
Utformasjon - ODL (Oslo Designer Guild)
a white sign with black writing on it that says wayne thielaud b 1920 diagonal freeway, 1939 acrylic on canvas
Home Museum: How to Make Your Own, plus Museum Placards
a piece of paper taped to the side of a bed frame with an ad on it
Identification | Display Accessories | Exhibit & Display | Gaylord Archival
an exhibit with yellow paper and black and white photos
David Sudlow and Simon Leach join forces to design the latest show at V&A Museum of Childhood
a black business card sitting on top of a gray table next to a computer mouse
an open book with some information about the contents and features in each section on it
Exhibition lable
two white business cards are hanging on the wall
News » MoMA Sans for the Museum of Modern Art