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You can grow garlic sprouts (which are edible!) from a garlic clove. | 13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves

Have you been wondering what is the best plant to grow at your home, and yet to be inexpensive and easy? The answer is garlic. Did you know that by eating a whole head of…

<b>If you're some kind of plant wizard, you can do this at home and maybe never buy groceries again.</b>

I knew this about scallions and growing them from their discarded roots. But all the 13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves is so cool!

35+ Creative Garden Hacks and Tips 27

Divide and Plant Your Sprouted Onions - Don’t throw away sprouted onions, you can divide and plant 7 individual onions that were growing inside the 1 big one.

Growing Garlic from Table Scraps! - I have done this before and am doing this again. It does work, but pay attention to the plants the closer it gets to harvest. Great way to use those garlic cloves that have started to sprout in your pantry.

Growing Garlic from Table Scraps! - I am SO DOING THIS! Possibly today if I can round up a pot and I think I still have soil left. Already started green onions yesterday!

Grow your own herbs from seeds!

Start your own herb garden by growing herbs from seeds! It is a cheap and easy way to have your own fresh herbs at your disposal. A medicinal plant garden is