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Jonas Lilleengen
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An Omo Masalai skeleton dancer wears elaborate body paint at annual singsing /cultural show

papua new guinea

Papua New Guinea became self-governing on 1 December 1973 and achieved independence on 16 September

Bopende tribesmen of the Western Congo

Belgian Congo December 1951 Eliot ElisofonBopende tribesmen of the Western Congo wearing masks and costumes of fiber performing ancient ritual dances during initiation of boys into their tribal society.

Nigerian Tribesmen Performing for Queen Elizabeth II

Nigerian Tribesmen Performing for Queen Elizabeth II

Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Credit: Timothy Allen Tribes people, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea. "I was shooting in Papua New Guinea for the BBC’s landmark documen.

The New Refuge Gervasutti by LEAPfactory

‘New Refuge Gervasutti, the survival unit was designed by Italian architects LEAPfactory, who specialise in modular accommodation for extreme environments.’ This is a solar powered tubular mountain cabin installed on Mt.Blanc with the use of helicopters.