The Dog family from Superliving is a modern take on the classic Matrjosjka dolls. The nesting doll family is made up of five dogs, a large Labrador, a small Jack Russel, an angry Bull dog, a charming poodle and a pipe-smoking St. Bernard. A cute detail for both the living room or kids room.

Dog family nesting doll from Superliving by Superliving

The lovely Mon Amie bowl from Rörstrand was designed in the early 1950's by Marianne Westman. The design in blue flowers on a white background is perfect for any occasion. Available in the same series are plates, mugs and jars. Create and combine your own set by selecting your favorite items!

Gorgeous blue Scandinavian bowl -part of the Rörstrand Mon Amie Tableware range

The cute wooden Leika dog figurine from OYOY is a cute piece of decoration to be displayed on a window sill or book shelf. The figurine is made of beech and oak with ears and a tail made of leather. The Leika dog is delivered with a leather string so that you hang up the dog. Adorable in combination with other wooden figurines from OYOY.

Ideal for a nursery gift or to adorn your child's room, this beautiful Leika Dog from OYOY is made from beech and oak wood and has leather ears. Made from beech

Bimble decoration from Hoptimist is a classic and the original figure in plastic was designed by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich in 1969. The modern version in oak is designed by Lotte Steffensen but what many people don´t know is that Hans Gustav Ehrenreich originally worked with noble wood species. The Bimble in oak is Danish design of highest quality and is assembled by hand. A true bringer of happiness!

Bimble decoration oak from Hoptimist by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich, Lotte Steffensen

Brighten up your kitchen with some color and the Skagen String range by Broste Copenhagen. The blue and white Skagen String collection is made of glazed stoneware and is characterized by an irregular blue and white stripy pattern and creates a beautiful effortless feel to the table setting.

Skagen String bowl from Broste Copenhagen by Broste Copenhagen

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