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four shot glasses filled with liquid and mint on a silver tray next to a teapot
How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea
a piece of cake is being held over the burner on a stove top with a flame coming from it
Burnt marshmallows. Mmmmm.
two guitars are sitting next to each other in front of an amplifier and amps
Pete Steinkopf’s Gibson Les Paul Customs
two bottles of pink perfume sitting next to some pink flowers on a light colored surface
Turkish Rose Perfume Oil - NEST New York | Sephora
a banana split with ice cream, cherries and chocolate drizzle on top
an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
several people swimming in a pond with lily pads
an outdoor swimming pool with chairs and umbrellas next to the side of a building
California Destinations - Best Luxury California Resorts
Lafayette Hotel pool in San Diego
someone is holding up a sandwich with marshmallows and chocolate in front of a campfire
delicious s'mores
a tent is set up on the side of a mountain with rocks and trees around it
Camping in the San Juan Mountains — Jessie May