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Here is ideas and designs for aquariums and possible galleries. Future ideas and hopes and dreams of this kinda of stuff!

Vivarium I think I would put a bridge across. Aquarium Terrarium, Aquarium Aquascape, Planted Aquarium, Reptile Terrarium, Mini Terrarium, Nature Aquarium, Vivarium, Paludarium, Aquascaping

EA PALUDARIUMS updated 19.05.13 Just scaped today, so it will need some growing in. Ill update whenever i can.

  Aquarium Sand, Aquarium Garden, Aquarium Landscape, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Aquarium Setup, Aquarium Design, Aquarium Fish Tank, Aquarium Ideas, Aquariums

30cm Cube journal...

Hi, Time to show one of my next projects. It will be a very low tech set up, with easy maintenance plants. Set up: Tank: 30x30x30cm DIY Filtration:

"Use your imagination" by Filipe Oliveira. A tree aquascape with a real bonsai tree above water. Use your imagination by Filipe Oliveira. A tree aquascape with a real bonsai tree above water. Planted Aquarium, Aquarium Aquascape, Aquarium Terrarium, Home Aquarium, Aquariums, Aquarium Fish, Aquascaping, Aquarium Design, Plantas Bonsai

BONSAI!!!! Aquascape I found intersting.....

I found this aquascape that incorporates a Bonsai tree interesting, and thought I would share. This gentlemen states in his blog that he likes trees

I started this vivarium on March Equipment Misting system BIOM Light Dulux L Reflekta Vivarium controller DIY Plants Neoregelia Reptile Habitat, Reptile House, Reptile Room, Gecko Terrarium, Reptile Terrarium, Terrarium Plants, Vivarium, Fish Gallery, Reptiles

Vertical vivarium 48cmx35cmx70cm

I started this vivarium on 30th March 2008, Equipment Misting system BIOM Light 2x36W Dulux L Reflekta Vivarium controller DIY Plants Neoregelia

7 Beautiful Small Aquarium Ideas To Increase Your Home Beauty Betta Aquarium, Aquarium Garden, Aquarium Landscape, Nature Aquarium, Marine Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium, Planted Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium, Saltwater Tank

Show Me Your Nanos Please - Page 22

Just bumping with more pictures: NONE OF THESE ARE MINE I wish they were Does anyone have any information or links to the thread builds of these tanks?

Cute and Unique Tank Aquarium Design for Beautify in the RoomYou are in the right place about Fishes reference Here we offer you the most beautiful pictures about the Fishes crafts you are looking for. When you examine the Cute and Unique T Aquascaping, Aquarium Aquascape, Betta Aquarium, Planted Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium, Betta Fish, Betta Tank, Vivarium

My first planted aquarium tank first day !!!

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Iwagumi - Page 4 - The Planted Tank . Aquarium Aquascape, Planted Aquarium, Aquascaping, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Live Aquarium Plants, Nature Aquarium, Aquarium Fish Tank, Aquarium Store, Home Aquarium

Hanging Rock - 45p Iwagumi - Page 4

Here are some close up shots of the pearling, tricky to get in focus, there is a bit of Riccia fluitans that started growing in the Glosso and also