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a man and woman sitting on top of a metal bunk bed in a white room
Modern designed beds
Ken Isaacs, He is known for his creation of a Matrix based modular system to build "living structures" Design Addict Forum
a bed sitting in the middle of a room next to a window and potted plant
Gallery of Batipin Flat / studio wok - 13
Gallery - Batipin Flat / studioWOK - 13
a woman standing in the middle of a living room with a red rug on the floor
four different shots of a woman moving a bed with a slide in the middle and another person standing next to it
Making Tiny Apartments Spacious
flexible bed/sofa.shelf for small spaces. Awesome.
a living room with a white couch and book shelf on the wall next to a rug
These 19 Genius Things For Your House Will Make Everyone Visit You. I Must Have #13 Immediately.
Entertainment Center Murphy Bed - Murphy Beds: 9 Hide-Away Sleepers - Bob Vila
a living room with a book shelf full of books and a chair in the corner
Svensk Travsport Offices / Note Design Studio
potential phone booth
a long wooden shelf sitting on top of a cement floor
Discover the best long-lost-pierre-paulin-and-herman-miller-mock-comes-life on Dwell
This curvaceous Bibliothèque U bookshelf designed by Pierre Paulin doubles as a room divider.
a blue and white couch sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall
In pictures: The Magazine Cover of the Century
Pierre Paulin; 'Tapis-Siège' for Herman Miller by Louis Vuitton, 1971/2014.
a book shelf made out of wooden blocks on a white surface with no one in it
Pierre Paulin Designer - Sale N° 1389 - Lot N° 41
Pierre Paulin Designer - Sale N° 1389 - Lot N° 41 | Artcurial | Briest - Poulain - F. Tajan
a room with chairs and a lamp in it
Interior of the lobby of the magazine "Meubles et Fonction" Paris 1971 Pierre Paulin designed the interior and the furniture.