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Love this Moroccan inspired tent that would be perfect with a few more cushions and a couple of Shisha Pipes! This would work for a wedding, engagement party, birthday party or even a kid's party (minus the Shisha Pipes!!) RICH HIPPIE | TheyAllHateUs

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Opalite Dreadlock Beads - Beautiful shining Dread Beads - Gemstone Dreadlock Beads - Small Hole Dread Beads - Stunning Hair Beads - Dreadlock Jewelry - Jewellery - Dread Accessory - Pretty Dread Beads - #dreadbeads #dreadlockbeads #dreadjewelry #dreadlocks #dreads #dreadaccessory #beadsfordreads

3 Natural Opalite Gemstone Dreadlock Beads Hole Size: inch) Beads measure: x Listing is for 3 beads.

Dreadlock Hair, Dreadlocks

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