Homemade Snickers!!

Homemade Snickers Bars

While homemade candy bars are tasty, homemade Snickers bars are out of this world. This homemade candy recipe has all of the flavors you love about Snickers bars.The recipe even teaches you how to make your own nougat and homemade caramel candy layer.

Julia Child's White Sandwich Bread

Julia Child's White Sandwich Bread Recipe Suggested Tips: double the yeast, knead for every bit of the requested ten minutes, and double the second rise time. The results are glorious.

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For the kiddos, Wedding finger food ideas.mini corn dogs, grilled cheese triangles with tomato soup shots and more. This is the food I want at my wedding.

Happy cupcakes :)

Comfort Food

Today's cupcakes are full of smiles. With fondant frosting and a cherry on top, you've got three very happy cupcakes. Bringing cheer to snack time, these look both fun and delicious!

apple braid.  Great Idea for other things too, I made Pizza braid, it was awesome!

apple braid

Apples + Homemade Bread = An Apple Braid! The cinnamon apple filling encased in a soft, lightly sweet bread with the vanilla cream glaze is like a cross between a doughnut and an apple pie.

Lone-pizza! Verdens beste!

Lone-pizza! Verdens beste!