Lena Blomholt Gustavsen

Lena Blomholt Gustavsen

Lena Blomholt Gustavsen
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This is how bread should be presented

Lemon Loaf (with Zucchini): Mini Loaf Favors so perfect as favors; i can imagine doing a different quick bread as well with local / seasonal ingredients. But where do you find that parchment wrapping!


Colorful hanging peppers @ the Farmers Market. -- In the Paradise I won't be allergic to peppers and many other foods. (Jfp notes these are very colorful for the farmers market)

Sloppy Joes  oppskrift (4 personer)

Sloppy Joes oppskrift (4 personer)

People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

Not only am I laughing at this because of how stupid this girl sounds but also I'm judging on the grammar. Have you Never seen a tan line before. Oh my. I have lost faith in humanity.