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Fairy Poses-- love this! I never have a decent reference for the pose when drawing fairies! This is perfect <<< and to be honest, I could use a lot of these poses drawing normal people!

Mermen Poses by loverofscythe.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

ah some cute mermaid references ! i have to say that i really love drawing mermaids. however this is a more cartoony style, and i enjoy it very much.

posereference: “anatoref: “Couple Poses Row 1, 2 (Left), 5 & 6 by Justin R. Martin Row 2 (Right) Row 3 Row 4 ” Reblog he’d by my buddy of @anatoref Gotta love the reblog ”

giwatafiya: “ anatoref: “ Couple Poses Row 2 (Left), 5 & 6 by Justin R. Martin Row 2 (Right) Row 3 Row 4 ” Guess who finna be in OTP hell tomorrow.

MALEVOLENT: Couple poses by Precia-T on DeviantArt

Had to make them due to them being shared off-site and not credited properly. ----------------------------------------------------- More couple poses, hopefully to get me outta my block.