lol smil

lol smil

lol smil
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.This is excruciatingly powerful.

historicalhetalia-haven: “ “ fuckyeahhistoricalhetalia: Source Submitted by: musicianinmymind ” I’m pretty sure this is the Munich Agreement. Hitler looks angry enough for it. Is that Austria there?

So sweet <3

Horimiya 5 at MangaFox.


Hetalia America & Little America England & Little England France & Little France China & Little China Russia & Little Russia

Hetalia x Attack on Titan XD LOL France!

Cute hetalia chibi kitty france put a ice cube down englands shirt and flew off like in attack on titans <---- this is the most precious thing. How is it that France can look cute yet little bad ass as well?

God this is too cute!! XD Hetalia England

God this is too cute! XD Hetalia England>>> nnnnot quite as cute when you realise he's being lowered into scalding hot water

Jason Todd is bad motha fucka

This is a pretty accurate summary of every one of the different (male) Robins' interactions. (From left to right - Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Red Hood/Jason Todd, and Red Robin/Tim Drake)

anythingbutahero: Look at the big bird who still thinks he’s a robin.

circuitwitch: “anythingbutahero: “Look at the big bird who still thinks he’s a robin. a race to see who can ascend a staircase in a more ridiculous and unnecessary fashion?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of small but hilarious scene in the book. Wood was an intense die hard who had no sense of humor when it came to Quidditch. -- I think that a spin-off fanfic all about Oliver Wood.