Classroom Reward System

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Teaching With Love & Sparkle {Leisha Shigenaga}
Students work as a class to earn parts for Mr. Potato Head.  They earn a class party when he gets put together.

Parts may come and go!

Besides using the "Rockin' Behavior" chart in our classroom, which is individual behavior, we are also using Mr. Potato head as a whole grou...

Fun rewards without using candy!

Free Rewards & PBIS

Our school has adopted a program called PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The idea behind this program is that you use ...

These are great ideas for rewards for good student behavior.

Free Rewards & PBIS

Our school has adopted a program called PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The idea behind this program is that you use ...

"Caught ya being good" fishbowl for your classroom: drop the student's name in every time they are "caught" and draw a name monthly for a prize!

"Caught Ya"- Positive Reinforcement

Being a guest blogger has to be one of my favorite things to do...I really enjoy sharing my blog with others and I have found so many great blogs this way as well. Even though I love being a guest blogger I tend to get a little anxious...I mean who doesn't get a little nervous posting something out there for people to see? On my own blog I am nervous enough...but when it's someone else's it has to be perfect! So here is to hoping my little post is perfect ;) Today I want to share one of the…

Positive rewards that don't involve buying anything!

Reward Coupons for Positive Classroom Management

Celebrate and recognize great student behavior with these handy reward coupons! Students choose from nine special privileges such as bringing a stuffed animal to school or wearing a hat for the day. An inexpensive alternative to the treasure box! Who is This For? Teachers looking for free classr...

Great idea for teams! Would be cute to give them a strip of color every time they behave appropriately!  When they complete their rainbow, they earn a team reward!

Five for Friday {3-1-13}

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs for my fave weekly linky! My Number One Guy {besides the Mr., of course} moved to Florida this week. {If you are a 2nd grade teacher in Florida, and the cutest boy in the world named Jefferson walked into your room this week, you need to email me STAT}. I am in mourning. I LOVE this kid. Adorable. Hilarious. Intelligent. Kind. Creative. One of a Kind. And cute, cute, cute. It’s killing me that I had to smack a heart over his face because you…

Classroom Management Linky Party

Classroom Management Linky Party

READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM................HINT...HINT! I'm joining some of my blogging bff's over @ our collaborative blog, Freebie-licious for week #5 of our summer linky party series. I believe it was my 3rd or even 4th year of teaching when my former principal, Mr. Ja**a** had the nerve to mark me off on an evaluation because my students were talking when they transitioned into a the line to leave. Oh, they also were too loud while adding dice...really???? Don't even get me started…

Baby wipe containers for treasure chests.  What a great idea!

Baby Wipe Box to Treasure Chest in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have a stack of plastic baby wipe boxes sitting around gathering dust like we did? It’s been a few years since our youngest was in diapers, but we amassed a serious collection of Chubbs boxes during that time, which were clearly too valuable to throw out or even recycle. We’ve used them for […]

Put a jewel on student's work when they use "sparkling vocabulary"

The Sweet Life of Third Grade

Last year I was chosen as my Campus Innovation Coach. I'm excited about this new role and sharing my passion of technology. We were asked to share our wildest dream for our campus. My dream has been in the work for the past few years already. I want my campus to be a computer science campus. #CSforall I believe that it is important for my students {and all students} to have access to learn these skills. Last year our campus had 50% participation during Hour of Code! This was a huge leap from…

Customizable Reward Chart

Printable Reward Chart - The Girl Creative

A Printable Reward Chart may be just what your looking for to provide some positive reinforcements for your children. Whether it's staying focused on their homework or making their bed every morning…