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an art piece made out of paper with holes in it
Cut Paper — Lauren Kussro
Cut Paper — Lauren Kussro
an orange wall with white paper cut out of it
New Set of Cut Paper Works
a piece of paper cut out to look like an abstract painting with circles and shapes on it
OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Katie Vota
a piece of art made out of metal on a gray surface with white lines and black background
Metal Wall Art.Sculpture. Abstract Wall Sculpture. Metallic | Etsy
an image of a poster that is on the table next to some scissors and other items
a painting of a deer with antlers on it's head
Street Art, Maastricht, Faces, Sanat, Face Art, Layered Art
a painting of a girl with bunny ears holding a donut
Rabbit (Stop Animal Testing)
a painting of a white dog in a blue shirt with an eye patch on it's head
a painting of a person with an animal's head on top of it, wearing a white mask