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a green background with the words god is not going to rewrite the bible for your generation stop trying to change scription when it's written to change you
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a man holding his hand up with the words funny responses to how are you?
75 Witty and Funny Responses to “How Are You?”
If you're like most people, you respond with "Good" when someone asks how you're doing. Spice things up with witty and funny responses.
a quote that says sometimes those who don't socialize much aren't actually anti - social they just have no tolerance
Ultra The Dark Angel — No Tolerance Companies that hire felons, Jobs...
i can't decide if i need a hug an xl coffee 6 shots of vodka or 2 weeks of sleep
I Can't Decide If I Need A Hug, An XL Coffee, 6 Shots Of Vodka, Or 2 Weeks Of Sleep Wood Sign 7x7in.
Wood Sign - I Can't Decide If I Need A Hug, An XL Coffee... - Country Marketplace
a man in a white shirt with the words why y'all blamin'god for your problems? most of y'all's problems came from not listening to him to him to begin with
Why y'all blamin' God for your problems? Most of y rall's ss problems came from not listening to Him to begin with! - iFunny
a quote that reads race matters only to racists the rest of us care about character
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