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Instagram post by Josiah Van Dien • Aug 5, 2016 at 5:16am UTC

He is probably a great photographer/ He's great at everything Shawn Mendes Magcon, Magcon Boys, Mid Afternoon, Muffins, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendez, Baby, Singer, John Wick

Charlie was eating lunch in the Triskellion with Marge and Trish. It was mid afternoon and it was the perfect lighting, said Charlie. He told us to be ourselves as he jumped out of his chair and snapped a pic of the two girls!

shawn mendes hockey - Google Search Shawn Mendez, Shawn Mendes Gif, Shawn Mendes Magcon, Shawnee, Muffins, Ice Hockey, Magcon Boys, Memes, Iphone Backgrounds

-shawn- I was out on the ice, practicing for tryouts for triple A boys. I shoot a puck and luckily the Plexiglas saves it from hitting your face.

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OMSHAWN!!!! He killed it at the 2017 iHeart Radio Awards!!!!!! Shawn Mendes Magcon, Shawn Mendas, Magcon Boys, Minions, Gorgeous Men, Love Of My Life, Singers, Cupcake, Cute Guys

He killed it at the 2017 iHeart Radio Awards!im gonna die,this awards was the day of my brthday.

Cmon.This shits artsy ;)

Cmon.This shits artsy ;)