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baked avocado fries

Baked Avocado Fries - Eating an avocado is like biting into a flavorful and healthy stick of butter. That creamy texture contrasts so well against the crispy outside of these fries.

Mexican potato skins

Crispy potato skins filled with delicious mexican filling make a great lunch, dinner or post-exercise recovery meal. Easy and quick to make, naturally vegan and glutenfree too. Top with Earth Balance MindfulMayo!


This means tons of party food which often translates into those oldie but goldie appetizers that are so good and yet so.

walnut sliders

Sandwich: Walnut Falafel Sliders With Pickled Beet and Lemon Mayo [Vegan]

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We are constantly working on new ideas and Product Development. If you are finding you are short of Prep-Time making popular items for your menus – please do feel free to contact us to discus…

LEBANESE RECIPES: Falafel wraps with houmous & pickled chilli recipe

Falafel wraps with hummus and pickled chilli - quick, easy and stylish canapés that are great for any party. You can find pickled chillies from Middle Eastern delis and larger supermarkets