Dolk (artist)

For Sale on - 'CHE' by Dolk Ed. Four color screen print, hand signed and numbered by Dolk Ed. Number : 686 of 750 Provenance: P.

Foto: • ARTIST . PØBEL • ◦ Radioactive Surfer ◦

See more amazing graffiti from urban artists in our street art update now showing volume 35 and still presenting some of the best urban art in the world!

"Zooicide" by Dolk - Lofoten islands (Norway) - Foto: John Inge Johansen / NRK

"Zooicide" by Dolk - Lofoten islands (Norway) - Foto: John Inge Johansen / NRK

street art by Pobel

The creations of Norwegian street artist Pøbel, both poetic and claiming. Away from the noisy streets of major cities, Pøbel exposes his street art in the


Pøbel / Pobel - Gimsøy, Vågan (Norway) / Photo by John Stenersen

Kitty Riot (Green) by DOLK (2010)

Two colour screen print on Conqueror Connoisseur Soft White Extremely rare edition of only 9 Size: Year: 2010 Signed and numbered by the artist


Instead of showcasing his work in busy urban centers where they are likely to have a larger audience, Norwegian street artist Pøbel has.

Jolly Trolley - Pøbel

Jolly Trolley - Pøbel

Modern Panel Doors: Geometry-Inspired Designs for Sleek Contemporary Exterior Decor

Modern Panel Doors

Modern Panel Doors - Urban Front has launched three new products to their range. These include the 'Geo' design, 'Pivot Door' and a gorgeous re-work.