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Varangian in Russia

0800 - 1000 Varangian Rus' The Varangians or Varyags (Old Norse: Væringjar) was the name given by Greeks and East Slavs to Vikings, who between the and centuries ruled the medieval state of Rus' and formed the Byzantine Varangian Guard.

Slavic warriors

warriors of King Boleslav the Brave - first king of Poland; "Wojowie" - Polish warrior X-XI ------------ Michał Adamczyk, Archaeological Museum in Biskupin

1: Scandinavian mercenary, 10th century 2: Anglo-Danish warrior 9th-10th century 3: Hiberno-norse jarl 11th century Illustrated by Gerry Embleton

Scandinavian mercenary, century Anglo-Danish warrior century Hiberno-norse jarl century Illustrated by Angus McBride.