Native american fry bread recipe

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Three Sisters Soup Recipe

The Three Sisters Soup recipe is a traditional Native American recipe from the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) nation. The term “Three Sisters” refers to the three main crops of some North Ameri…

Native American Fry Bread Recipe | Survival Sullivan

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35 minutes

This fry bread Native American recipe is quick to make and only requires basic ingredients already in your pantry or stockpile.

Navajo Fry Bread Recipe

If you're from New Mexico, then you've most likely eaten fry bread a time or two. With native culture having b

Poyha (Old Native American Recipe) Meat & Cormeal Recipe -

This recipe can be cooked over coals,grill or stove and oven. The original recipe called for wild onions & buffalo berries. I have adapted. The meat was also venison. You can use beef,elk, antelope, turkey or ground chicken. Instructions look complicated but very easy.

Navajo Tacos (with Homemade Indian Fry Bread!) - Cooking Classy

Homemade Indian fry bread is loaded with a seasoned beef and bean taco filling and finished with all the classic taco toppings. A family favorite!

Indian Corn Stew Recipe -

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1.5 hours

Another recipe from one of my vast collection of cookbooks. This tastes like "cooked all day" but actually it doesn't take all that long. Great with a salad and big chunk of cornbread!

T is for Three Sisters.. and Tacos

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Three Sisters Soup Recipe with Chicken

Make this comforting tasty Three Sisters Soup Recipe with Chicken that is incredibly easy to make.

Mutton Stew Recipe - The Fancy Navajo

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10.5 hours

Mutton stew (Atoo’) is a popular dish in the southwest among the Diné (Navajo) people. It is a simple dish that packs a lot of flavor from the mutton. It is eaten year-round and the ingredients can be changed depending on what you have in your pantry. Sheep are important in Diné (Navajo) culture and all parts of the sheep are used from cooking to weaving. It is most commonly made with mutton. If you cannot find mutton in your local grocery store, it can be substituted with lamb or beef.

Native American Bread Pudding Recipe

Almost every pueblo in New Mexico has its own version of bread pudding, and it is a common feast day dessert, the designated day of each pueblo's patron

Apache Stew (Slow Cooker) 23, Native American Recipe

Can use elk also. From the book FOODS OF THE SOUTHWEST INDIAN NATIONS by Lois Ellen Frank

Apache Fry Bread

Apache Fry Bread recipe: Try this Apache Fry Bread recipe, or contribute your own.