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Wow, thats trully grerat! I did already loose eight POUNDS eating that qualitative FAT BURNER .

Could you imagine? I lost twelve pounds with that fat_burner…

strawberries in cinder blocks

"""Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden."""" --------->Put plants that naturally repell garden pests like marigolds? Also, cinderblock beds a good idea for around fence. Maybe use concrete stain to make them more natural looking?

You stick in whatever you want and it makes a clock! Cooool.

Funny pictures about Customizable Wall Clock. Oh, and cool pics about Customizable Wall Clock. Also, Customizable Wall Clock photos.

Fujiyama Beer Glass

FUJIYAMA BEER GLASS: Inspired by Japan's tallest mountain Mt. Fuji, this unique beer glass is designed by Keita Suzuki of Sugahara Glassworks.