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the colors


Another photo from last summer that I had never edited. Not sure if you will think it is interesting or just weird........anyway it's definitely different. If it doesn't receive many comments I will probably make it private.

dandelion moon


Me? Im Perfectly Imperfect. This is a scrapbook of all things I like. Also, delicatuscii.tumblr.com




Art Inspiration

I love to share the work of artists with my kids and discuss what they see, how they think the artwork was created, what materials might have been used and what else the artist might create using the same media. I then put similar materials out on the art table for the children to experiment with and create something unique of their own. Here are a few inspirational art ideas that I will be sharing with my kids in the near future. Wire Sculpture Johnas Borman Fine Art Found Items Collage…

make a wish

Dandelion Poetry Project

The abundance of dandelions in Calgary this year has provided me with lots of inspiration. You might remember this project. Well.......in a similar vein I have been doing a collaborative project with my colleague Kim McCullough. ( a teacher who is a fantastic author). She also collaborated with me on the Woven Nest. We are trying to develop projects that combine creative writing and the visual arts. The premise for this project is "dandelion wishes". You can click on the picture to see…

india ink on tracing paper


7knotwind: “ Thought experiment: retreating structures / passive drawings-in process India ink on tracing paper ”

Little Dandelions by Iveta Abolina Floral Illustration | Etsy

These spent flowers are only a skeleton of their former sunny selves, set against the delicate filigree of unique French and Russian ephemera. Sail off, little seeds, and start a new life elsewhere! This print is my original drawing done in combination with pencil, ink and watercolors. It is

felt dandelion

felt dandelion

Thanks so much everyone for leaving lovely compliments about my felt dandelions. As promised I'll show you how to make one here. They are ever so simple: You'll need some light yellow felt and some dark yellow felt; a pipe...