Laila Raverdatter

Laila Raverdatter

Laila Raverdatter
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Earthship bathroom

Now THIS is the kind of tub I want!-D -- The master bathroom. A blue-green mosaic-inspired bath, reminiscent of a rock pool, sits under the natural illumination of a skylight. A large wooden stool provides a seat for grooming.- this is a beautiful tub.

Psychogeographies: 3D Collages Encased in Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin

Psychogeographies: Collages Encased in Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin sculpture glass collage

Isaac Cordal "Politicians discussing global warming".

Artist Isaac Cordal’s Incredible Tiny Sculptures – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

The best short movie has ever made , 102 awards ........ El Empleo / The Employment

Animated short filme - winner of 102 International awards.

Dances of the Planets (8 pictures)

Take the orbits of any two planets and draw a line between the two planet positions every few days. Because the inner planet orbits faster than the outer planet