When we saw that Kris Kuksi named Beijing-born artist Zhang Jingna as his favorite artist in Joshua Liner Gallery's "Your Favorite Artist's Favorite A.

trash the dress photoshoot. you would have a blast doing any trash the dress photoshoot.

This is Alice. --- Subsequent to The Midnight Game, here begins the installment of the epic photoshoot series -- Alice in the Midnight Game, based l. Alice in the Midnight Game.

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The Art of noah-kh (Kuang Hong)

of the Night: Faded Fallacy by amazing photographer Zhang Jingna. One of my favorites, inspired by Yoshitaka Amano.

of the Night: A Dream of You by `zemotion Photography / People & Portraits / Expressive `zemotion Model: Landy Photography/direction: Zhang Jingna Makeup/hair: Qian Wang Image collected in my photobook: Something Beautiful.

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Spectacular Female Photography by Zemotion Zemotion is well known for their awesome female and glamour photography

Model: SUGIZO (Luna Sea, X Japan, Juno Reactor) Photography: Zhang Jingna Production coordinator: Chiaki Oshima Hair & makeup: Tomoko Ono Photography assistant: Shunshin Japan, Dec 2009

If I had the insanity to grow my hair out like this, I would. But you do not know the thick, tangled, overgrown unicorn forest that is my hair.