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Funny Friendship Ecard: You're my favorite bitch to bitch about bitches with.


We've rounded up some bizarre and funny unintentionally ironic pictures that will make you lookt twice. Funny Cute, Haha Funny, Funny Memes, Hilarious, Jokes, Funny Stuff, Random Stuff, Oh The Irony, Me Gustas

some bizarre and funny unintentionally ironic pictures that will make you look twice<--- that's not irony, that's coincidence jeez

No lunch for me. I'm on a new diet called, 'I have Five Dollars till Friday.' Buffy The Vampire Slayer, El Humor, Nurse Humor, Being Broke, Im Broke, Someecards, College Life, College Humor, Uni Life

Bahaha so true! No lunch for me. I'm on a new diet called, "I have Five Dollars till Friday.

I'm not really a bitch all the time. You just don't like when I call you out on your bullshit. All the time. Sarcastic Laugh, Im Invisible, Give It To Me, You Dont Say, Sarcasm, Yep Yep, Little Things Quotes, Someecards, Funny Quotes


I found a picture of your new girlfriend and I must say she looks worse than you.

I love how badass we think we are when we're together. Someecards, Funny Confessions, Funny Quotes, Me Quotes, Daily Quotes, Hilarious, Haha Funny, I Laughed, Laugh Out Loud


Free, Apology Ecard: Sorry you're an arrogent and pretentious ass-kisser.

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That's what I'm sayin!

Love it!! “LOL Funny Cute, Haha Funny, Lol, Hilarious, Funny Stuff, Funny Things, Crazy Funny, Awesome Stuff, Funny Memes

Sometimes the truth hurts.other times it makes me laugh and wish I'd come up with it first! To funny and right on the button.

I+love+you+so+much,+I+would+provide+you+with+an+alibi+in+the+event+that+your+crazy+ass+snapped. Someecards, Yes, Meant To Be, Told You So


See if you can get this: If even YOU warned me that he was a liar. How come you dont get that everything he told you about me was a lie?

Oh, you expected ME to keep in contact with YOU, but not vice-versa? My bad, I forgot that's how friendship worked. Geek Squad, True Stories, Nerd Problems, Stargate, Doctor Who, Geek Chic, That's What She Said, Star Trek, Friendship

And Doctor Who and Stargate, of course! Pay your dues, people. Glasses and a t-shirt from Hot Topic doesn't make you an automatic nerd.

Funny things to say to Siri.  For some fun entertainment! Siri, Some Fun, Funny Things, Funny Stuff, Ha Ha, Fun Things, Funny

Funny Things to Say to Siri

If you have an iPhone you've experienced Siri. She can be frustrating AND entertaining. Here are some great things you can say to siri for entertainment.

baking cupcakes + disney movies = successful day Stewart, Harry Potter Love, Someecards, Disney Love, Just For Laughs, Ashley Walters, True Stories, Laugh Out Loud, The Funny

omg would love a harry potter/baking night ;) Toten this needs to happen too when you're here for good!