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7 Steps to Become an Early Riser

7 Steps to Become an Early Riser. I wake up early now, which is a miracle. Here's how I picked up the habit. *** This is the best advice/tricks I have found so far.

OH! MY CAKE: The ultimate Barcelona food guide

I wouldn't say this is the "ultimo food guide of Barca" However, there are some good recommendations. (: The Ultimate Barcelona Food Guide by ohomycake-helsinki

Ooh interesting. What if I did this my hair. Since most of my new growth is silver, why not work it into a cool new hair style? Grey ombre pastel hair

Ombre gray / silver hair but I think I want it with a bigger chunk of dark at the top? I'm gonna do this when I'm older and start getting grey hairs


Love this idea, floor pillow on balcony! Ideal for reading, snack or just relaxing. Could be additional seating for little ones in living room when not in use on the balcony.