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Easy hair hack
*swaps claw clip for U pin* - French Twist update 🤎
20 Trendy Korean Hair Bun Styles and Step by Step Tutorial
Un petit tuto tout simple pour une coiffure rapide et jolie 🫶🏼
A holiday hairstyle favourite!❤️✨ #holidayhairstyles #ponytail #hairstyles #easyhairstyles #longhairstyles
This low bun is the perfect sweater weather hairstyle🤍✨ How to: • Hold your hair in a low ponytail with your index finger and thumb on your left hand. • Tightly wrap your hair counterclockwise around your index finger and thumb. • Twist your ends as you continue wrapping. • Place your hair fork to the right of your index finger, under the outside of your bun, and out the right side. • Press the tips of the hair fork against your head, flipping it to the right. • Push it against your sca...
What do you think of this in-depth talk through style video? Helpful?❤️ Easy French twist with a hair stick #hairstick #frenchtwist #hairstyle #updo #easyupdo #hairvideos #longhairstyles #hairtutorial