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there are many different pictures of flowers made out of paper and beads on the wall
A rose by any other Medium and Style, would look as sweet. . ., Emma Wittwer
A rose by any other Medium and Style would look as sweet. . . by Emma WittwerI recreated an image a number of times over 10 weeks using a different medium or style each time. Given I didn't set very long around work and could only afford basic supplies. So these are not all of them but just the best of them.
an image of a green forest with trees
Landmark in the Jungle, Nele Diel
Landmark in the Jungle by Nele DielAnother personal illustration that I made and that is available for licensing. :) ____
a digital painting of a woman's face with long black hair and blue eyes
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Portait study by Darkpalmtree Heredialighting study and colour study
a drawing of a boat sitting on the shore next to a lake with houses and trees in the background
Frozen Lake, Rose Lewis
Frozen Lake by Rose Lewis
a piece of bread that has been cut in half and is sitting on a gray surface
Food Studies, Wong Sze Min
Food Studies by Wong Sze MinA series of quick food studies from photo reference
an image of a human skull with no lower jaw and one lower jaw showing teeth
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Skull by Michael ShephardAnatomically accurate skull.
three tomatoes sitting on top of a wooden table
Kurt, Mastewal Negash
Kurt by Mastewal NegashStill life
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a table
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Drawings by Eugene SolovyovStudies
Rin Brought To Life by Dave WRin is featured in a sailor uniform or a school girl outfit. This particular picture she was made to be photorealistic. Outfits, 3d, Pin Up, Deviantart, Rin, Erotic, Girl, Uniform
Rin Brought To Life, Dave W
Rin Brought To Life by Dave WRin is featured in a sailor uniform or a school girl outfit. This particular picture she was made to be photorealistic.
an animal that is standing up on a black background with the head turned to look like it
Deer Little Fawn, Dmitrii Prosov
Little Fawn by Dmitrii Prosovsmall deer fast study. only basic forms without details. At this age they are afraid of even their own tail
an image of a car in a garage
Garage, Patrice Louise
Garage by Patrice LouiseI did this Artwork for a future training session of 2nd year student at New3dge ( Car mustang model made by Andreas Ezelius (
a painting of a tea cup and spoon on a saucer
Cuppa tea, Astrid Castle
Cuppa tea by Astrid CastleA gloomy day calls for a nice cuppa tea :)
a digital painting of a woman with green eyes and blonde hair, in front of a black background
"Nuka Betty" - A Fallout Fanart, Janina Gerards
"Nuka Betty" - A Fallout Fanart by Janina GerardsA Fallout fan art character that I sculpted and painted in ZBrush. I didn't do a lowpoly version for this it's a sculpting study only.
a person holding an umbrella standing in the rain on a city street at night with neon signs
Emilia, Ivo Chanev | IC Productions
The War of Freedom is coming by Chia Jui Wu
a painting of two men sitting on the ground and one drinking from a bottle while another man sits in front of him
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Copy of an original painting by Michel Sweerts "Sheppard in a cave" by Eugene Solovyov