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the anatomy of a lion is shown in this image, with all its parts labeled
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Resting Lion by Robert RingholmA personal project sculpting practice and anatomy. High/Low poly and UV in ZBrush. Bake and Texturing in Substance Painter. Lighting and Rendering in Marmoset.
an image of the different types of axes
axe, Hong Yan
axe by Hong Yan
two wooden barrels with metal handles are shown in this screenshot from the video game overwatch
Oktoberfest Pickaxe stylized, Ahmet Bluhm
Oktoberfest Pickaxe stylized by Ahmet BluhmMore and likely a Fan art to Fortnite. I build the model by myself looking for reference and concepts and mixed them together and its kinda late for the Oktoberfest and as a german i need something like that on my portfolio but had a lot of fun to create my first stylized art. My art style reference was Fortnite and Overwatch. Currently busy with a small diorama and a environment. Soon there will be more posted :D. Hope you you like it.
an animated image of a small tower on top of a body of water with a bird flying over it
Shark tower, Anna Kotoktus
Shark tower by Anna Kotoktus
Desert eagle by ji whan park Eagle, Park, Desert Eagle, Film, Artwork
Desert eagle, RU BIM
Desert eagle by ji whan park
a yellow and black electronic device sitting on top of a table with the words polysquid studios above it
Geiger Counter, Polysquid Studios
Geiger Counter by POLYSQUID StudiosThis is a beautiful 50's Geiger counter with metro decal (for fun). We made several high quality survival props for our UE and Unity pack: Survival Props: Polycount: 8500 Maps: 2x2k PBR This one was made by Kaspars Pavlovskis
an image of different types of objects on a black background, including flowers and trees
Game objects, ZHENYA_U24
Game objects by UBLUDok 24Objects for game "Fashion Farm"
a wooden stove with candles in it sitting on top of a table
Cursed Chest , Sergi Roca Tejada
Cursed Chest by Sergi Roca TejadaGame Ready chest.
an assortment of tools including hammers, pliers and wrenches on a gray background
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TOOLS by Alexandre Nicodhammer screwdriver wrench
an image of a car made out of legos on a white surface with grey background
Mini 4WD, Wilson Lau
Mini 4WD by Wilson Lau3D model from Mini 4WD
an image of a game set up in the desert with blue and gold decorations on it
Glimmer Temple Entrance, Benjamin Sauer
Glimmer Temple Entrance by Benjamin SauerSpyro Reignited Fanart Based on the environment concept Geraud Soulie created for Airborn Studios Rendered in Unreal Engine.
pancakes, butter and syrup on a plate with a cup of coffee next to them
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Breakfast Bunch by Shantel Daya
a bedroom with a bed, bookcases and a flat screen tv on the wall
Teenage room, Margaux Choque
Teenage room by Margaux Choque// School project // We were asked to create a room for our week asignement. This project took me 4 days in total. Hope you like it ! Software : Modeling : 3dsmax Texturing : 3dsmax vray Rendering : 3dsmax vray Compositing : Photoshop
a pizza sitting on top of a wooden table next to a window in a living room
Pizza, Anoop TA
Pizza by Anoop TA3d model
an image of a robot that is on top of a tank with two cameras attached to it
Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot (TIGR), Felix van den Berg
Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot (TIGR) by Felix van den BergHi guys! For the past couple of months I've been working on and off on this representation of Roboteam's TIGR. After seeing some images of it I fell in love with the design and I wanted to challenge myself to make something a bit more complex. Over time I decided I also needed to make the controller that comes with the robot because why not? More work more fun! And to top it off I wanted to make an IED that would go with this s