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How to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs - good to know but hopefully never have to use.

3 Ways to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs

How to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs. Dogs are not as efficient at releasing heat as we are; they are built to conserve rather than release heat and tend to heat up faster than we do.Merck and Merial, The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health, p....

I have to draw blood from a vein under fur on a moving target that is trying to bite my face off. So, nurse, tell me again why can't you hit my vein?


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But I STILL love my job!!!!!!!!!!


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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian Before Your Pet Undergoes Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions | American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Describes a board-certified surgeon, when referral is recommended, how to tell if someone is board-certified and how to donate to the ACVS.

Vet Tech Definition Zip Hoodie on CafePress.com

Vet Tech Definition Men's Zip-Up Hoodie Vet Tech Definition Zip Hoodie (dark) by sandcastle - CafePress

Men's Zip Up Hoodies Product ID: 725716583 Zip up in the coolest way possible! Warm up with an ultra-soft hooded zip-up sweatshirt made just for you. From chilly mornings to evenings outdoors, this zipper hoodie is destined to become your go-to zip-up hoodie all year ‘round. Even on the coldest days and nights! Ultra-soft zip-up hoodie made of heavyweight, durable 90% cotton/10%…

How to Prepare a Perfect Peripheral Blood Smear?

How to Prepare a Perfect Peripheral Blood Smear?

A peripheral blood smear (peripheral blood film) is a glass microscope slide coated on one side with a thin layer of venous blood. The slide is stained with a dye, usually Wright’s stain, and examined under a microscope. Peripheral Blood Smear Preparation The wedge slide ("push slide") technique developed by Maxwell Wintrobe remains the standard method for the preparation of peripheral blood smears (films). The following procedure is utilized to prepare a peripheral smear. Place a 1" x 3"…

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LOL! Don't miss IDEXX! Antech FTW!

Parvo negative

Parvo negative