Math with legos - my kids love to play with legos!  This is a perfect after-homework activity

Lego Math Activities

Lego et math.

Rockabye Butterfly: Hands-on Counting Activities using lego blocks to match the numbers at the bottom of the graph

Free LEGO Addition Cards. What a great addition game or math center!

LEGO Addition Cards

Activity for ages 4 to Whether you’re looking for a hands-on way to practice addition or you need a fun LEGO activity for kids, these free LEGO addition card

Lego math

Lego Math Worksheets

More Lego Math - Subtraction! (I dunno if Kindergarten teachers teach subtraction , but this is a cute idea.

Math Games

Shape Muncher - Players take turns spinning the spinner to determine the shape to cover up. If your opponent has a chip on the shape you need… you can MUNCH it up and place your chip down. The first player to get 4 chips in a row is the winner

Math Monsters

Math Monsters make greater-than, less-than, and equal signs come to life; the monster faces the bigger number and the equal sign faces forward. Its a cute way to teach the concept.

coloriage Jeu de coloriage numéroté : chiffres et mer n°5

Jeu de coloriage numéroté : chiffres et mer n°5

Discover thousands of images about line drawing of boats with subtraction sums

Love this idea for a math center!

Peg-A-Number Fact is a fun maths game that allows kids to practise basic numbers sums and encourage the use of strategies to solve these problems.