Interieur Mood

Shed Plans - great idea to shelter wood and tools from the direct rain (though dont store wood up against the house as it can harbor termites) Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience!

Love the wood stove taking up little space and the whole table area.

Interior Design Ideas for the Dining Room area. Great decor and Fixture Ideas and Color Scheme. Love the warm colors.

The cottage in the wood | LADY/Jotun

Rurally yours, . Vintage farmhouse rustic small guest bedroom or sleeping nook living space design

Mondo Interiør » Hytte på Beitostølen

Mondo Interiør » Hytte på Beitostølen


Bjørn og Hege fra valgte interiørbeis i fargen Patinagrå til hytta. Den er fargesatt for å være samstemt med naturen utenfor. Se hytta her.