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The Green Oak Carpentry Company - Pool Barns

> > > Belchambers Swimming Pool Belchambers Swimming Pool 1 / 3 This is a good example of the use of the sling braced truss in creating a lovely pool barn.

無料の貸切風呂。目の前の木々がとってもきれい。    蓼科温泉 親湯  [Shinyu]-Tateshina Onsen,Nagano,Japan

無料の貸切風呂。目の前の木々がとってもきれい。 蓼科温泉 親湯 [Shinyu]-Tateshina Onsen,Nagano,Japan

Maruhon Inn, a 400 yr old bath-house and hotel, redesigned a new 'onsen'  - by KuboTsushima Architects

An incredible use of wood from Japanese studio Kubo Tsushima Architects in this bathhouse set within a hotel complex. The curved form allows fractures of natural light to enter the space and emphasise the natural integrity of the wood.