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a large black house with lots of windows
a black house with orange door and steps in the front yard covered in snow next to trees
10 Gorgeous, Black Home Exteriors -
a car is parked in front of a large brick house with black shutters and windows
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a red brick house surrounded by trees and flowers in the fall season, with autumn foliage surrounding it
a brick house with green front door surrounded by trees
an open window on the side of a building with a view of a kitchen and dining area
X. It’s what’s happening
Het effect van een glazen dakkapel. Dus ook onder- boven- en zijkanten van glas! Heel gaaf. (via wordpress)
a white house with black shutters in the snow
a gray house with red front door and steps leading up to the entryway is surrounded by fall foliage
A Joyful Journey
a blue house with white trim and trees in the front yard, surrounded by greenery
Absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely love ❤️
a dog standing on a porch next to a table and chairs with candles in front of it
Mitt vinterparadis
Black and white front porch winter decor with lanterns. Rustic and Cozy
a blue house in the woods with trees around it and lights on at night time
Pineridge: Custom Log & Timber Frame Home Builders in Ontario
PineRidge Timberframe - Newbury blue navy ivory trim cabin in woods