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an outdoor garden with potted plants on the wall and table in the foreground
several different pictures of a fence made out of wood and bamboo sticks, including the top one with an opening at the end
gardeninglovers: “ Make fences out of your garden waste ”
a mushroom sitting on top of a pile of rocks
Steinpilze ??? *Betonschwammerl !!!! DIY* * Living & Green
Steinpilze ??? *Betonschwammerl !!!! DIY* - Pilze aus Beton Anleitung
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants next to a wooden fence
a tree is seen through the branches of an iron frame in front of a field
Un jardin auvergnat moderne et de caractère
Un jardin auvergnat moderne et de caractère - Détente Jardin
a hand holding a tiny insect with a flower on it's back and wings
Jane Bee (@JaneBea5) / X
two large vases with branches in them on display at an art show, one is made out of concrete and the other has yellow flowers
Artist Markus Hamm
a wire sculpture of a rabbit sitting on the ground next to a blue door with black shutters
Gallery | Anna & The Willow
three metal sculptures in the shape of birds on top of each other near a path
Gardening- a creative journey
an outdoor dining area with potted plants on the table and lights hanging from the roof
The Visual Vamp
The Visual Vamp — Garden
there is a cement planter in the middle of some concrete blocks with plants growing out of it
25 DIY Garden Pots That Add Decor To Your Outdoor Living Spaces
DIY Repurposed Paver Planters
an image of a bench made out of concrete blocks and wood in the middle, along with pictures of it
My Picks of Outdoor Furniture Makers from the Architectural Digest Show in NYC
I had a really great time on Thursday at the Architectural Digest Show in NYC. If you have a chance, you can still attend tomorrow. If you plan to go, email me and I can let you know a coupon code for free admission. There were some great products and artists at the show that …