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a large pink flower sitting on top of a lush green leaf covered field with water lilies
Surreal Lotus Flower - DD0A1560-1-1000
Surreal Lotus Flower - DD0A1560-1-1000 | Flickr – Condivisione di foto!
a pink flower sitting on top of green leaves
Pink Lotus Flower and backlit leaves: DD0A0232-2-1000
a blurry image of an orange and purple background with the sky in the distance
bojrk: Leon Berkowitz - Source III, 1976, oil on canvas
two pink water lilies are in the pond
pink water lilies and green leaves with the sun setting in the backround
Lotus Flowers | trisaara | Pinterest | Lotus, Flowers and Lotus flower
three white water lilies with green leaves in the background
Лето, солнце, цветы.... | Цветы и натюрморты
Лето, солнце, цветы....
two white flowers with green leaves in front of a black and white background that looks like water lilies
a pink flower floating on top of water with the words, what is the symbol of the lotus flower?
What is the symbolism of the lotus flower?
#Lotus flowers are everywhere in the yoga world, adorning #yoga mats, props and even tattoos. Their beauty alone makes it easy to see why they’re so popular. But there's more to this flower than just it's physical beauty. #lotusflower