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Kristin Ramstad

Kristin Ramstad
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Love the way the colours blend so beautifully into each other

Alice will have a blue bow! I love this girlʻs hair, but she would have blonde hair. I think bows make girls look very innocent :) cutest hair style

Hair Longer, Fuller, Or Thicker On One Side-Individual hairs on your head and body grow independently of one another. Each hair follicle produces hair based on its specific genetic instruction, handed down from birth. Hair follicles will sometimes produce hair of a different texture and colors than the other hair follicles. External influences may play a major role. You may experience some pulling of the hair due to friction being caused by rubbing against cotton or cotton blended pillows .

3 Effective Ways to Keep Red Hair Vibrant, Red heads know that their hair color is the hardest to maintain .Best way to keep red hair color from fading .

long gray ombre hair

ICE BLUE OMBRE: We’re kinda obsessed with this hair color! The color combination is fit for a snow queen. This complex shade of dark hair with hints of dark grey, light grey and light blue is truly one of a kind.

black and blue wavy hairstyle

black and blue wavy hairstyle Naturally Wavy, Fantastically Blue Ombre Aside from the soft natural waves that this model features, there’s another particularity to her style of ombre – color distribution with a muted transition between the two hues.