Kristin Hesvik

Kristin Hesvik

Kristin Hesvik
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Defining Your Body Shape the Waist

How do you know if you have a defined waist? This is one of the key defining points for telling which of the body shapes you are. Use this quick and easy method to decide.

A blog about sewing unique clothing from thrifted sheets, geeky crafts, and cats.

Front/back rise shortening: To change the crotch only, and not the side seam length, make a horizontal cut halfway down the crotch curve, leaving a tiny bit if the side seam uncut to use as a hinge. Pivot down to overlap the pieces, then redraw the curve.

how to find right side of solid fabric

Do you ever have a hard time identifying which side is the front of a solid colored piece of fabric?

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If you have find it impossible to lose weight it's all in the hormones. Learn the tips and tricks and reverse your Leptin Resistance.